September 14, 2007

DasHbOaRd & cOlBie cAiLLaT

Last Saturday the 8th, Zander and I went with Lindz and Jonny to the Dashboard Concert. This was my third time seeing them!!! They are my all time favorite band and if you haven't seen them yet I highly recommend it :) We had a great time. It was at Thanksgiving Point at the Electric Park. Colbie Caillat was also there. She sings "BUBBLY". She was awesome live. It was a really chill concert and I loved the location. I had never been to a concert at Thanksgiving Point but I hope they start having more soon. Suprisingly enough there were a lot of families with little kids there. It was a really chill concert. There were a lot of food booths and they had the best kettle corn Zan and i ate lots! Besides Dashboard and Colbie there was about 8 other bands that played. I only got to see about three others because i got to perform at the football game which by the way we won 63-0!!! go BADGERS! Dashboard is always amazing live and they played for about an hour and a half. I'm way excited for their new CD "The Shade Of Poison Trees" Which comes out October 2nd! Anyhow i hope beck is happy i finally started the world of bloGging.. LOVES ashes


Becky O. said...

Way to go with the post!

I love the pix of you and Zander, especially the one that is black, white and blue. I need to catch the next show for looks like so much fun!

Beverly said...


I'm so glad that you have a blogspot!!! I love your pictures and reading about the fun times you're having with your friends...however, I'm going to pass on Dashboards next Michael Buble, when's he coming to SLC again?

Love, Mom

Erika said...

Great blog.... here are some ideas for future blogs....could you do "A day in the life of Ash" or one dedicated to Snow College. I would like to see pics of your college friends, where you live, what you do etc.

Welcome to the blogosphere:)


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