June 19, 2014

NYC pt.2

Day two of my trip was probably my favorite! We rode a pedi-cab through Central Park. It was so lush, green, and always breath taking. A few months prior to the trip we scored some Jimmy Fallon tickets. It was a dream come true. Literally everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. It was so neat to see everything behind the scenes, see Jimmy in person, see how amazing and smooth everything is operated and to see some celebs. On my Instagram that day I wrote "Eeeeek! You guys. I'm star struck. Jimmy oh,Jimmy. AMAZING!! Love him. We saw Ricky Gervais, Ansel Elgort & Miranda Lambert!! And then to top it off after the show the producers said they had a surprise for us.. That we got to see another show because they had to film it today! Sooo we saw good ol' Jeff Daniels & Jim Carey! And they were doing a skit (with the arms) it was unreal. Hilarious people. Hilarious!" It really was the neatest experience to be at the NBC studio. A memory I'll never forget. 

June 17, 2014

NYC pt.1

New York City is magical. Two years ago my sister and I went and I have been dying to go back every since. Gracie & I took a red eye to JFK. Naturally we had to go to my favorite brunch spot(Shopsins) after we dropped our luggage off at our hotel. After brunch we explored the city, walked along the pier seeing all three bridges, took a ferry to see lady liberty, did a double decker tour bus, took the subway, ate at shake shack, and turned in early since we were going off of no sleep (and plus we had to watch The Bachelorette!) and we were exhausted. I was pretty proud of myself for navigating myself around the city even though I had only been there once before. I love people watching and just the feeling you have when you're in the city, NYC has my heart.
"New York is ALWAYS a good idea."

June 14, 2014

that one time..

I have dreaded writing this post and have slacked at blogging because of it. It makes me super sad and want to cry even thinking about it still so bear with me. At the end of May I was prepping to go on a trip I had been planning for months. I was going to New York City for about 5 days and then to Israel for 8. I have a sister living over there right now and was so excited to go and visit her and all of the holy sites(Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Church Sepulcher, Western Wall, Dome of the rock & Temple mount, Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Via de la Rosa, room of the last supper, Masada & the Dead Sea,Nazareth, Tiberius & the Sea of Galilee) that I have read about my whole life. I have never been out of the country before so I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to do so. Israel probably wouldn't have been my first choice of places to go when leaving the country because I have always dreamed of going to Europe. I have a love for art history & cannot wait to go one day. Since my sister and her family live in Israel for the time being I figured why not go! What an amazing experience it would be & I've got to live it up while I'm single. Long story short we had a great time in Manhattan (lots of blog posts to follow!) and we were headed to the airport(thinking all was well in the world & we were right on time) at which I received texts and missed calls from my sister and her husband (thinking we were lost at the Tel Aviv airport) when in reality we were in a Taxi headed to JFK airport. Long story short (and embarrassing as it is) when planning our whole trip we read our flight itinerary wrong. We had planned our whole trip accordingly. We never even looked at our flight itinerary because we had our day by day plans memorized! We shouldn't have gone to the Broadway the night before, we should have been on our way to the airport!! We should have just arrived in Tel Aviv when we were only just on our way to the airport. I have never been so sick to my stomach until the moment we realized we had missed our flight. We finally got to the airport. Rushed around trying to find the terminal hoping we could transfer tickets and book another flight. Unfortunately the International airline we were traveling with only fly out of JFK twice a week and they were sold out for 3 weeks! I have never been so devastated in my entire life. Luckily we had a friend who lived in the city that let us stay the night with her. We ended up catching a flight the next day back to SLC and came back home. The lady we talked to on the phone from the International airline said we could use our credit up until September. (which wouldn't work for me because my sister we were visiting was coming to town for a month and I had three weddings I was shooting in August & just started working for a new company) Since I wasn't able to do it then I have talked to the airline and they wouldn't extend it, especially because we were a no show. My heart got broken again and again.
Through all of this I learned a few very important life lessons. Although yes, it was a silly mistake on our end (that probably a million people have made) 1. Always check your flight itinerary a million times before traveling. Especially when you are going to multiple destinations! I have learned that sometimes things (life in general) doesn't always go according to planned. You have bumps in the roads, cliffs you have to climb, and lakes you have to jump in to get through it. Things like this just make you stronger and you have to have a good attitude. Attitude is EVERYTHING. You have to make the best of the situation. It's rough & hard sometimes.You have to keep your chin up and realize that everything does happen for a reason. I don't know why things didn't work out or how we didn't catch our simple mistake of what day we were flying out, but I do know that it happened for a reason. Money is just money and it comes and goes. Hopefully I will get the chance to go back next year when things calm down over there(lots of craziness going on now) but for now I just have to laugh and remember the things I learned that one time when I missed my flight to Israel. :)

June 7, 2014

we were on a break.

 The end of May was full of wedding receptions, quality time with friends, spending time outside, lots of photo sessions, nightly walks, and just enjoying the start of summer. Two of my friends from my old ward ended up getting married! It was so fun to see their relationship from the beginning and watch it blossom. Bryan and Kayla were totally meant for each other. I was even able to take their engagement pictures. They were so fun to work with and it's always a treat to see my work printed at receptions! 

I started off the month of June by doing limited photo sessions and no blogging for a month. Well that month turned into six weeks so i figured I better get back on the blogging bandwagon, because I have missed it. I have a lot I need to update about and plus what else am I going to do with the millions of pictures I take?!

May 31, 2014

Summertime Potato Salad

6 medium red potatoes, 
1 lb asparagus, trimmed and cut in thirds
15-20 cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup kale, chopped
1/2 cup plain fat free Greek yogurt
1-2 tsp of fresh dill
1/4 C olive oil
1/4 C Balsamic Vinegar

Cook and cut potatoes & asparagus. In small bowl mix yogurt, dill, oil & vinegar. Add that mixture to the potatoes & asparagus. Mix in tomatoes and kale.

This is a nice lighter, healthier option to have as a side for all your upcoming BBQ's this summer. Enjoy this fresh tasting Summertime Potato Salad! My potatoes, kale & dill were all from this weeks share from my favorite local farm, La Nay Ferme.

Memorial Day 2014

This memorial was a lot of fun. I spent the day at the ball park with my sister Jen and nephew watching my other nephews play baseball. I still feel like they're four years old when in reality their getting so old! It makes me feel old, but so proud watching them play. They both did awesome! My parents had a little BBQ at their house. We played catch, the kids raced, danced for me, had yummy food and we enjoyed the nice weather. It was so nice to have a day off of work, relax, & be surrounded by family. And most importantly reflect on those who have served us and to remember and talk the great life's lived by those loved ones who have gone before us.


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