December 11, 2007

**...Let it sNoW lET iT sNOW leT It SNOW...**

Last night it snowed tons! It was great. After being at the library for a few hours writting and finishing a 10 page paper everyone decided to go sledding!!! It was so much fun. We got this huge garbage can lid and hooked it up to a rope to the back of my friends Yukon and sledded all around town! It was seroiuslly the perfect weather for sledding. I felt like a little kid again sledding with Emilee on the back of the four-wheeler in the church parking lot. What great childhood memories!!! SLedding is the best and i can't wait to go again. It made it actually feel like Christmas time and i can't wait to go home to all of Mom's homemade cooking, deocorations, shopping and bring in the holiday spirit!


Becky O. said...

I was actually talking to Adam the other day about the good old sledding behind the four wheeler fun!

Oh how those days were great!

Glad you had a good time...and as the older sister in me says, "Be careful!"

The Carpenter Family said...

love the pix! I remember the good old days as well, especially running thru the snow back and forth from Newell's, having lots of mom's hot cocoa, and making snow angels! The best for me was making "snow forts" with Chris and Jay! You may have been too little!!! Lots of Love!


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