January 9, 2008



CHeck us out! and come support us at basketball games!!! (*FAMILY!)

Men's Basketball Home Games:

Jan. 12 SLCC 3:00pm
Feb. 8 CNCC 7:30pm
Feb. 9 CNCC 3:00pm
Feb. 22 CEU 7:30pm
Feb. 23 CEU 3:00pm

We will also be performing for the High School State Drill Team Competition held at UVSC during intermission on Saturday Februrary 2nd after the Military division.

Our end of the year showcase will be held Thursday March, 27 at 7:00 PM
(since i'm giving my fam an early notice please mark it on your calendars!)
Hope to see some of you at an upcoming performance. LOVES! ♥ashy


Becky O. said...

I'll see what I can do about coming to your final performace! It was so fun to come last year! ...and to go to the malt shoppe!

i'm so happy that you were able to continue dancing and doing what you love and what you are SO good at!

Ashley Eliza said...

Thanks beck :) Ya i hope you come again!!! Lind and i are actually thinkin about trying out for aggiettes ..so its a possibility.
And this year we will have to go get pizza at ROys! (formally known as fat jacks) love you

TheShippenFamily said...

I am trying to convince Jay to come to your end of yeat performance he is afraid I will go into labor.

Jay said...

the kids like your blog!! Why isn't my blog link on yours???

Jay, Jackson and Ella


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