January 21, 2008


The missionaries, Kyli, and I

Our cute little family

This past satuday my roommate Kyli got baptized!!! It has been such a neat expierence seeing her change and work with the missionaries. It has been so cool to witness seeing how much happier she has become as she was investigating the church. It has been a great bonding expierence for my roommates and i as well as our close neighbors. I am so proud of her!!! The baptism was beautiful and it was a wonderful day for all of us. :) Also Court and Ash came up for the weekend and were able to come to the baptism with me and it was fun for them to come to e town and spend time with me, its been a great weekend and today was nice to not have school and to just catch up with homework and be able to breathe!

the girls at the baptism!

me court ash

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Becky O. said...

That is really cool, Ash. What a neat thing to be a part of!


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