February 3, 2008

phoTo shOOt

So since I was home this weekend to perform my friend Ashley(yes two ashleys haha) wanted to do a photo shoot with me, she took a photography class last semester and loved it.We just had fun and did some fun shots down at the train tracks in Provo and in downtown Provo. These are just some random ones from my digital camera so there not as nice but, I still have to get the ones from her nice camera developed... when I do ill post uM! Thanks AshProw!


Becky O. said...

1 and 5 are my favorite. Um...those heels could poke some one's eye out. Can't wait to see your friend's pix for this.

The Carpenter Family said...

Did you have cramps while you were bent over in that pix?!!!!

Love ya!


ashley.warner said...

Shippen! Guess who GOT A BLOG?! Yes, that's right...I did!! :) You are so cute in your photos! Love ya!


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