April 3, 2008


Thursday night was the longest day of my life. It was what I had been working at for the past several months... it was our SHOWCASE for BADGERETTES. It couldn't have gone better!!! 3:30 rolled around and the team met to decorate...then we ran home got ready for the big night and were back by 6:30... Then the rest is history. All the dances went wonderful and our boy/girl dance HAIRSPRAY was a hit! The audience loved it...I’ll try to get a clip of it on here... cuz it’s very humorous. Then we ended the night with Lindee's and my Lyrical Dance. We were both crying... I know boo who but It was so sad. This year has been so awesome and I have loved every minute of it. We have such an amazing coach!!! And I love all the girls so much!!! I couldn’t have ended my dancing career (well on a team anyways) any better. I have loved being on Badgerettes these past two years. I have grown as a person and as a dancer. Also being on Presidency this year has been quite the rollercoaster but it was such a blessing and such an amazing year! I love you girls!!! Mom and Dad and three of my best friends from high school that I danced with came to see it. Thanks for your love and support!!!<

My Partner JamesY and I before "HairSpray"

My PRETTY floWers from mom and dad

THe paRentaLs

The nEw girl in towne

The high school drill CreW

My Daddy escorting me :)"his dancing career is now over"

Presidency Lyrical

POM routine w/ cheer






Becky said...

Sorry I missed this...dang strep!

Good job sweetie! You really have become such a great and talented dance. Beautiful technique!

Ashley Eliza said...

Thanks beck :) we'll have to watch it! mom recorded it


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