April 3, 2008

SpRing BreaK 08'

This SPRING BREAK was absolutly wonderfuL!!! It was MUCh needed. I have been so burnt out of school lately that the week before dragged on so long. Friday came, i packed my bags and caught a ride home with my friend Katie Jo on my dance team!Friday night we had a girls night which is always fun...concidering the boys are on there missions.. the rest of the break i just kicked back and enjoyed the nice weather. Mom and I went to the hale center theater for a play that was way cute. I saw vantage point with kate and miles.Which i liked, but not loved.Had fun on St.Pattys at jills apt and we dyed the crepes green and made homemade rootbeer... Went to a baseball game with dad! BYU won. Great game thanks dad! We enjoyed the game and the hot dogs! Always a good time. I also went to the Collective Soul concert with some friends, they put on a good show :) ...went shopping lots...went up to Draper to see tracie!... Had lunch with Kar at her work! Love you Kar!...went to Park City with ash! Which was so fun the weather was beautiful and we had a great time at the outlets...then i went on a date and i saw Vantage Point for the second time and we had a bon fire up the canyon which got me really excited for SUMMER! Then for easter just went to church and had dinner at Chris and Alli's which was super good!Then headed back to E town and what can i say i missed the smell of TurKey'S!!! All in all it was a great break but by the end i was ready to get back to get on with school so it would be closer to summer!!! Thanks everyone for a great break!


Becky said...

If only BYU had a spring break...but I guess everyday is a break now that I'm out of school! :)

...oh wait I work all day.

I love that Brooklyn shirt! Where did you get it! I want. I want.

Ashley Eliza said...

oh ya know the only store in ephraim.. walmart. i NEVER buy clothes there. but i saw this and it was dang cute! so yupp. they had tons of different ones.. let me know if you want me to pick you one up :)


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