May 7, 2008


Meet Moe. My life long pet. Literally. Moe will be turning 14 this year I believe. He has been in the family since Becky was in 5Th grade.. crazy. Yes, don't ask me how he has survived jumping out of the bowl, nephews pouring the whole can of fish food in the tank, mom trying to swoop him in the classic cool whip bowl to help me clean the tank,nieces and nephews scaring it as they put there faces against the tank, and many (and I mean MANY) dirty tanks. Moe became mine one day as Becky got sick of caring for him when she was in Junior high, she and Ty had just set him in the toilet bowl and were saying their goodbyes and I (Moe's lifesaver) told them that I would care for him and took him out before they could flush the toilet... and now here he is STILL ALIVE many years later. Well the reason for this Blog is I think it is coming to the end of Moe's life. I came back from school a week ago tomorrow and I noticed that he wasn't doing much swimming as normal. Usually at nights he swims laps (pathetic I know this, but he has been not only a good but great fish and friend and I watch him swim laps at night and talk to him.. i know weird. but I love him) but he hadn't been. He would just chill. Each time I would come home on a weekend visit this year he has suddenly grown this tumor looking things on each side.. yes my fish is obese. Who thought a fish could be this fat??? Well then when he has been slow since last week I started thinking he is on his death bed..then it really hit me considering the fact that he has been sitting at the bottom of his bowl UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!! Yup, well every day since last Friday he just chills upside down... I tap on the tank and no movement. I move the tank a bit and he tries and tries to move and almost gets to swimming and then his obesity takes over and he gets tired of trying so he goes back to being upside down. (it is quite humorous at times.. but then again depressing) So is this fish just aging?.. or what has mom been feeding it? You tell me? Also I'm pretty sure it is the longest living GOLDFISH in the world. I should look into that. Well i LOVE you Moe. I hope to spend many more weeks with you together, but if this is the last summer with you I will be holding funeral services and will never forget the memories we have shared. I love my fish.


Becky said...


You've got to put this fish out of it's misery. Seeing this really made me sad. You've got to flush him this week. Set him free. Seriously, he has some sort of disease that is making him this way. Do him a favor. He is just going to get worse. I am being absolutely serious. The fish is 14 years old. He would thank you if he could.

Really, you can tell that he is ill.

Make sure you take a better picture. Maybe with flash or more natural light or closer up.

Call me today.

Love ya,

Adam said...

You know me, I don't normally involve myself in other peoples' business, but Ashley, it's time to send Moe to the great big Fishbowl in the Sky.

It's time to send Moe to a place where he'll be able to eat all the paper thin fish food he wants, and where the streets are paved with sucker fish. Where his memory will be longer than three seconds, and where those little yellow fish with the white bone tooth thing that we see at dentists' offices are in cages where they belong. Do it, Ashley. If you love him, set him free.

Erika Quaife said...

Ash... seriously something is wrong with him. He is in a lot of pain. But I would like to see Moe one last hold out until July.... He has been a great friend to you..and I didn't know you talked to him at night--how funny! As freaked out as I am about fish, I will always like Moe. Did Ty and Becky really threaten to flush him? I don't remember that.

Anyhow, yeah..he is huge. I wonder if he could make it into the Guiness Book of World Records. You should seriously check that out. That would be sweet.."Moe Shippen."

Anyhow, do what you have to do.

You could always eat him for breakfast.

megship said...

Oh man, Ash! Poor Moe! I would go ahead and get rid of him. He has had a great life.....say goodbye.

Jen said...

What if he does have a disease!!! And then it spreads into your room??? That is crazy, let him go, Ash!

Rock said...

What kind of fish was it (I'm in the market)?

Ashley Eliza said...

just your typical gold fish. crazy huh?


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