June 1, 2008


I LOVE FOURWHEELING!!! Last night I went on a date with Tucker up AF canyon! It was a little cold but so much fuN! We set up his friend Zack with my friend Ashley... gotta love two Ashleys that are besties :) It can get confusing...therefore you have to resort to strange nicknames...right Ash? Or should I say Lupita? Good Times.


Becky said...

where's your helmets?

jk...looks like fun...but wait..really, where are your helmets?

megship said...

Anyone with the name of Tucker is alright in my book! Oh, and thanks for watching our kids....all the time since Ty dumps them off on you every Saturday! Sorry, Ash. I tell him not to but it seems like without fail, every Saturday I call and he says the boys are with you. Men, men, men.


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