June 1, 2008

MeMoRiaL daY wEEkeND

Highlights of the weekend...

1.(FRIDAY) Seeing my SNOW drill girls! I can't even express how much I miss dancing. It is my passion and love in life. Seeing these girls was so much fun! I was sad that Kam & Ang couldn't come but it was so great seeing my other girls. We were all SO close. We all met up at CHILI'S to eat dinner, laugh (a LITTLE too LOUD ha-ha that one lady killed me!)and reminisce of good times.I love you girls!

2.(SATURDAY)THe girLs and I decided to have a BBQ and bonfire up the canyon! We all packed up our stuff and went to South Fork Park and set up. We had a lot of friends show up and we roasted hot dogs,airheads, and star bursts listened to some tunes and enjoyed the fire! It was a great time!

3.(SUNDAY)Visiting Grandpa Johnson's Grave. THis year was a bit different, since Dad and Mom were in Texas my old roommate Ky came and spent the weekend and we drove up to Grandpa's grave. It was fun to tell her of the few memories I do have of him! I love you Grandpa Johnson!

4.(MONDAY)PMI Lagoon day! For Memorial Day Ky and I headed up to Lagoon for my work's party. We had a lot of fun just being crazy. We even rode the sky-coaster!!! If you haven't been on it...GO! Its such a rush! It was so fun to have ky stay the weekend because we are too far apart!I miss her lots.

It was raining on and off all day so we left a little bit early and treated ourselves to some CHEESECAKE FACTORY! NUMMERS!

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Becky said...

what a fun weekend! i love the skycoaster and bonfires up that canyon!


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