July 25, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! The 17th was such a fun day, thanks to family, the girls at work, and my close friends. This is how my day went:

9:00 AM

the girls at work decorated my desk :)

12:00 PM

katie jaye and i patiently waiting for our lunch from the Thanksgiving Point Deli! Their salads are the bomb.com. baja chicken salad baby!

3:00 PM left work..came home to check the mail.. Em brought me baloons from she and Courty! Thanks girlies! Headed to the mall to meet mi madre to do a little shoppiN!

5:00 PM Went to Mags with Mama

8:00 PM had cake and ice cream! NUMMy i love moms homemade ice cream :) and beck made me the cutest cake. Thanks sis!The buttercream frosting was AMAZING!

9:00 PM
BONFIRE BABY!!!We headed up the canyon to SOUTHFORk jammin to some music in ashes car.. brother(miles) built a good lil fire and Em was more than excited to roast starburts for everyone.It was fun to spend my birthday night in the canyon. there was even a full moon! It was a beautiful night

Thanks to all my family and friends who made my day so great!I'm now 20 watch out!

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megship said...

Happy belated b-day, Ashley! Geez, you posted tons of new stuff! It's abou time!


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