July 25, 2008

my FAVE holiday

The much anticipated day of my year came and left. It started out with the good ol breakfast and parade in Provo..then em and I walked around the boutiques on center street. Neither of us had ever been to them so we thought we should check it out, it was probably a good thing i didnt have any money with me because they had some cool jewelry places and nummy food (well it looked good!) I'll definatly be hitting those up next year. I came home and had a nice three hour nap.. i was dead from staying up late. Chris and Alli had us over for a family BBQ, which are always fun! I love summer because of BBQ's. I can't belive how old all my nieces and nephews are getting it blows my mind. Its so fun just to sit back and watch them play. It just seems like yesterday that was me running around with Ally and Katie and family functions. I would give anything to go back to those carefree days! I ended the night going down to the Provo Temple grounds to watch the fireworks with some friends, lets just say it was a waste of gas concidereing it took us an hour and ten minutes to come back to Orem. Boo. I LOVE THE FOURTH!!!

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