August 16, 2008

child·hood \ˈchī(-ə)ld-ˌhu̇d\ noun 1 : the state or period of being a child

Does this not remind you of SBTB???

Last night all the kids from my neighborhood that I grew up together got together at Whits house for dinner and games! It was so good to see everyone. It was hilarious to remember all the funny things we used to do when we were little and to tell the ones who are married spouses about our life as a child. It was great to reminisce and see what everyone was up to these days.OH THE MEMORIES!


Becky said...

fun! i like the pix too!

brookiebaby said...

I'm very jealous of all of the fun things you have been up to! I'm especially jealous of you going to CPK! :) Ha Ha!!!


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