September 10, 2008

random thoughts...

I hadn't blogged yet this week so here I go rambling on...

~Random thoughts... so I diffused my hair last night (and today) and love it! I seriously hadn't done it in almost a year... it reminded me of when Beck and I used to wake up extra early before school and diffuse our hair (when she was in high school and I was in Junior High) and it was the FAD thing to beat egg whites and put them in your hair. When you beat them they turn into a moose texture, and then we would put them in our hair and it would turn out great! I've turned over to a little bit of gel and hairspray but I do miss the day of egg whites!
~This weekend I'm going to my little town of Ephraim :) I'm BEYOND excited! I can't wait to smell turkey poo (jk) and do the 'Chester challenge' as I pull into San Pete. I miss the girls I used to dance with so much! We had so many good times.

Lind and I became so close since we were on Presidency together. She is the BEST listener in the WORLD! We were together 24/7, I always slept at her apartment and we would eat chips and salsa til' the wee hours of the morning. She would do anything for anyone and I just miss talking to her everyday!I'll never forget the good times we had of cooking dinner and when she put dish soap in the dish washer..BUBBLES! Love you lINdee lOu!

KaTi Jo:

KaTi and I spent many hours talking in my room as well on the dance floor! We became super close as the year and we just relate...right Kati?! I miss our stupid conversation and OVER ANALYZiNG everything that was going on! We were always giggling.


MorGie is so cute and HILARIOUS! She is a beautiful danceR and is always up for an adventure. She always makes me laugh! I miss hearing her random stories about..well everything :)

I wish it were I can be with these three..I'm pretty much jealous that they all live and dance together still, but ill be visiting lots! Good Luck this weekend performing at the game laDies!anyhooooww...

~ I need to buy my Dashboard tickets soon before it gets too late! Anyone wanna go? I can't wait to go for the.. 4th time. LOVE THEM
~ I can't believe how fast time is flying by and that my boys come home in February.. and that zan has almost been gone a year! Andrew gets back in February and i seroiuslly can't wait to have one of my Best guy friends home.
~ I'm really excited for the leaves to start changing colors and to bust out my BOOTS & SWEATERS! It will be interesting to see what new fads there are this fall fashion season!
~I really need to buy some new jeans...any suggestions of brands? What are your faves? I love my silvers and bke jeans..but maybes its time for a change.
~I hung out with Tracie last night! It was so fun to see her. I hadn't seen her since Lindz' wedding reception because she's been in DC all summer, being with her just reminds me of how silly we were in junior high and high school. She is such a good friend to me and i'm so glad were still close after all these years! She is such a cute wife and has her apartment decorated so cute!
~I LOVE my new leggings i got from TARGET! There simple and black. SO comfy! And they were only $5.99! Can't beat that!
~Tonight is Institute. I am taking a D&C class this semester..and my teacher is awesome! Ash,Court,Tato,Brooke, and I all have it together!
~I miss Ash and Allie...I feel like I havent seen them in forever. :(
~Caitlyn and I made frosting on was pretty much amazing. Theres not a better treat than graham crackers,homemade frosting, and milk. (sidenote: never make your frosting a light orange looks like fry sauce..whoopsie.)
~Boys are so confusing. I'll never get them.
~I miss school

Well its lunchtime now, so i'll stop.
I'm hungry.
The end.



Caitlyn Andrus said...

Random thoughts are the best. I love your crazy life. Enjoy lunch & see you tonight at the tute. Loves :)

megship said...

Your friends look like fun, Ash. Have a great weekend (I know it's not here yet, but you know what I mean).

MeganRuth said...

i miss those girlies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya for this weekend i'm going too. partay in the hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

allie said...

i miss you too puppy!

ashley.warner said...

i miss you too girl! mwah! GNO soon??! And the shower on Saturday :)


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