September 3, 2008

T I M P A N O G O S (i did it!)

Welp.. i DID IT. The ONE and ONLY time. We started hiking at one in the morning...(yes you all probably think im crazy, but I would have done it no other way with the heat of the day, it was perfect weather at night, and it only got chilly for a bit) We reached the summit around 6:30 for SUNRISE , it was absolutly BEAUTIFUL! It was all worth the pain and agony of the hike up. The hike down was worse then the hike up, it was basically the NEVER ENDING HIKE. We finally got done around 11:30 Am... and what more would you want to do after a long night hike then go home, shower, eat and go to bed... well too bad we couldn't. Courts car went to jail aka it got towed and went to the impoundment...It was horrible. We were the first from our ward to come down, and court had already left with the tow truck guy to go down to the gas station to a pay phone to call her dad, considering her cell phone was in her car! Caitlyn, Em, and I layed on the cold cement and tried to catch some zzz's while we waited for sometime to come down and catch a ride home. It was a good time by all means, but I will NEVER do that hike again. A week and a half later I'm finally not sore anymore,and I STILL have blisters and a blood blister on my feet.. Thank Goodness for JUICY and there pedi's!!!

Heres some of my fave pics:

Proof that I hiked it in the shack :

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Erika Quaife said...


I am proud that you did it and all..but to say it is the ONLY time that you will do it... come on.. you need to live a little.

Anyhow, congrats and I love the pictures.


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