November 25, 2008

busy weekend..

BUSY BUSY non stop weekend.... to start off after the Twilight premiere we were all so dead at work the next day. I was going off of 2 1/2 hours of sleep...and the day never seemed to end. Work dragged on and on. Friday night I went bowling with some friends and hung out. Saturday I got to sleep in a bit (not very long because I'm so used to getting up!) I cleaned all day and finished preparing my Relief Society lesson...then Kati my friend from Snow came up and we went to kneaders...watched BYU dance senior showcase (love modern dance, but it takes forever when each dance is ten minutes long!), there was a cool number that I loved with a red chair. It was fun to watch a different style of dance.After the concert we met up with some of my friends at the UVU vs.UofU hockey game! I had never been to a hockey game before! It was intense and super fun (and stinky..)! Kati wanted to go to Twilight while she was in civilization, so a bunch of us went..and it was as good as the first time, a bit more cheesy,but I still loved it.Then Kati went to church with me and had Sunday dinner with us. Which i learned how to make Chicken Gary with mashed potatoes... SO NUMMY! I love my mamas cookin! Anyhow it was a fun filled weekend :) I am SO looking forward to THANKSGIVING this week and having a break from work and spending time with the fam! xoxo


Connor and Shayla Egan said...

Love the picture of you kissing edward!!!

ashley.warner said...

I loved this night - so random, and so fun! I love Edward and Jacob! mmm mmm mmm


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