December 11, 2008

Six Quirks

I HAVE to fall asleep to some type of sound. Usually it's a movie or music. I cannot fall to sleep in silence. It drives me crazy. I think this started after Beck moved out and I was the only one in the basement.Now its just habit. Even when I went away to school. Good thing I had my own room, because it drove one of my roommates crazy.I have several sleepy play lists on my itunes.

I do things in the exact same order morning and evening. (Waking up I pop my neck (bad i know), go to the bathroom, shower, in my towel ill brush my teeth and put in my contacts, get dressed, comb and blow dry my hair,face moisturizer, makeup, flat iron hair,curl my eyelashes, put lotion and perfume on, last put jewelry and shoes and at nighttime just the order of getting ready for bed reading and writing in my journal has to be done in the same order else I go crazy!)This isn't all but you get the jist!

My marker board.Its my life savor! I think I get this from mom and her planner :) Each Saturday I plan out my week with work, hanging out and what I need to get done and each night before i go to bed I cross off the day. If you re not penciled in its hard to get an appointment with me ;) The girls at work tease me about this one. But hey it makes life easier when someone wants to do something, I just have to check the marker board!

I blow my nose first thing when I get out of the shower in the morning and right before I go to bed at night...and if you know me I sound like a Horn... lets just say everyone knows when I'm awake!

My closet is color coordinated and it drives me nuts if it is not, or if an article of clothing is out of place. My neighbors down at Snow thought this was so funny and would always move my camo tee shirt so it wouldnt matter since it was camo..hahaha


I rarley listen to an entire song in my car. It usually doesn't bother most of my friends that are girls but ALWAYS bothers the guys... I just like to listen to certain parts of songs then I move on to the next...

Hopefully ya'll dont think im crazy now...

I TAG....
Linz, Lindee, Morg, Megs, Ashton, Kara,Kati Jo and Kalei

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