March 2, 2009

GNI #2 Cupcakes..

This weekend the girls and I had GNI... I was in charge this month.. I thought it would be fun to have a cupcake decorating night. My awesome sister Becky is a cupcake pro, so she helped me set up and let me borrow all her cool cupcake happiness! Enjoy the pics...we heart cupcakes!

(here is the set up with my fake smile...i was a little warn out)



Becky said...

ahhh! they all turned out so cute! such fun colors!

...glad i could help. i'm always happy to get more use out of my stuff!

ashley.warner said...

OHhhh this was so much fun!! I love it!

BECKY - thanks for your contribution! You should be a pastry teacher or something?!

megship said...

Ok, so Bob brought my boys some cupcakes...were these them?! They look awesome and the boys loved them! Thanks!

sTeVeNaNdDaNielle said...

Seriously Ash! that looks like such a blast! and sooo cute!!


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