April 16, 2009

b-day,comedy sportz,bye-byes

Tracie's hubby had a suprise dinner get together the night before her b-day!The girls and I joined along with all her family. Happy Birthday Traceface! I am so glad we are still friends and have stayed close after all these years :) You're amazing.

I can never get enough of Comedy Sportz.In fact, I already want to go again. The show is always hilarious and I'm always giggling.
our many faces before the show began:

Andrew had a little get together at his house since Z was goin back to DC...the gang will be back together again before we know it!



megship said...

Comedy Sports has to be one of my favorite things to do. And those yellow pointed shoes look so so so uncomfortable...are they?

allie and jeff said...

is that heather durrant??!

Ashley Eliza said...

Megs, i love comedy sportz too! We need to go as a familY! and the shoes are actually pretty comfy for heels!

Als, that sure is Heather :)


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