April 27, 2009


So I gave in and bought a purple dress...so far no bad luck...well I did wear it Sunday for first time and I guess it did Snow??? Oops. Sorry.

Life is great, I get done with finals tomorrow!!! Then summertime..if it gets warm! I cannot wait to be free from school for a bit. I am so sick of the weather going back and forth. The bff and i were goin to host a bonfire, but it rained, so we had a lovely night with mister PF Chang instead. A few of the high schools prom's were going on so I loved seeing all the dresses and hairdo's.
Here is a pic of me at Senior Prom ---->
loved being in lime green.

Here are some things on my mind:

i heart these right now:

i can't find these :(...

i want to meet:

i have the bestest bestie:

i've almost been back here for a year!!! :

I am still obsessed with this:

to see my work check out this:




Erika Quaife said...

Nice post! Kara can't wait to me you too. June 24th should come quick!

megship said...

You look great Ash! I also LOVE lime green!

Whitney said...

Yay for new purple dresses!!!
I love the prom picture. I love seeing all of the people dressed up, too. I think it's Timp's prom this weekend? :) Weird that it's been 3 whole years since we've been there/done that!!!


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