June 22, 2009

Boots, Towing, and the curse strikes once again...

Each Monday after FHE, the boys have what they call ICE CREAM NIGHT. We meet at a different ice cream place in Orem/Provo each week at NINE o'clock on the DOT. Lots of people show up..we eat ice cream..flirt..socialize. You get the point. Afterward people were going to play volleyball down at king henry so they left. Brigs and I decided we would go after staying and being social butterflies for another 1/2 hour. So we finally say our goodbyes and head there.We both had drove and so I ask brigs , "you want me to drive or you wanna drive?" I end up driving. We hang out there for about an hour or so and then decide to go...we all start walking and talking our way to the cars. What do we see???

a BOOT on Ken's car :(

So we call the lovely UNIVERSITy ppl and they come come after 45 min or so and take it off... after Ken pays a lovely fee. We talk for a bit then I am sleepy and am ready to go home, so brigs and I hop in my car and head back to SUB-Zero to take him to his car... As we drive in the parking lot I say,"Brigs where did you park?"... and hes like "um..there?"...and I say, "Where?" (no car to be seen). At his point we both start to be freaking out and wonder where in the world is his car? Did someone brake into it and steal it? Then we wonder.. did they Tow it? ..oh dear. So we call our friend that just got the boot, get the number, and they had it down at the impoundment. BOO.

(brigs and I infront of the impoundment)

So we go in and the guy gets the paperwork or whatever he has to do.. and $120 dolla dolla bills later we went to find his car amoung all the others (oh and the guy took off 10 dollars since we came so quickly after it had been towed. Generous eh? ha) Oh what a night.. So by the time we get done at the impoundment, it's around 1:30 im the morning... I'm dead sleepy. I look down, and what am I wearing? PURPLE. hahaha. Oh My. I would be. The curse strikes again.....

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