July 15, 2009

pre-Birthday bOnfiRe

Since i'm on going out of town for my day of birth we had a bbq bonfire up southfork. It was so great to see everyone. We just kicked it roasted hot dogs, had cake, they sang to me, we danced, and just had a really fun night! I really am so blessed with so many great friends. They are all so amazing and are always there for me. They are all so different and posses so many so many great qualities to bring to our group of friends. I am one lucky girl.
Thanks Ash and Tate for all your help! xoxo

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Abby Marie said...

Ashley!!! It was so good to hear from you...on my blog ;). It is weird to me to see all these pictures of people we went to high school with! Are you dating Cooper Fisher? That is SO COOL! What are you up to these days? You should just email me a life update girl! abbymarie16@yahoo.com. Love your blog!


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