August 26, 2009


Oh what a day! A beautiful rainy day! One of my closest friends Courtney Fairbanks got married on August 15th. I was lucky enough to take pictures of her whole wedding day :) (those are yet to come!) After we took the big group picture outside the temple it DOWNPOURED. No joke. I couldn't get the ALANIS MORISSETTE lyrics from ironic out of my head the whole time I was taking pictures 'It's like rain on your wedding day'..ha ha anyhow even tho I was soaking afterward(enjoy the before and after pic of me) & they had to use an umbrella the pictures turned out awesome if I do say so myself. After the reception Donny,Ash,Jeff,Allie,Ryan,Christine,Cooper and I went up to the cheesecake factory and then to a movie! I heart pasta DE vinci and the avocado egg rolls. There to die for! What a day!Congrats Courty! You were a beautiful bride and I am going to miss you dearly...looks like imma going to have to take a road trip shortly up to the great state of Idaho! xoxo

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