October 14, 2009

Just a few things..

  • Ladies and Gentlemen.. the NEW bachelor for 2010...


    So excited about this.
    He was my favorita.
    I'm a sucker for this show.
    Pathetic I know.

  • FINALLY.. again.. FINALLY have some light at the end of the tunnel as far as transferring credits goes. THANK HEAVENS. I've been super frustrated. Can't wait to go back to school again :) yay.

  • NEW MOON people! Cannot wait. yay.. its going to be a rockin girls night out with the sistahs and sis-in-laws!!! (mid of november..so fun!)

  • Even though its gettin cold I have been loving the weather.

Love sweaters. Boots. Jackets. Rain. Leaves changing. Soup. (taco soup!) Grilled cheese) fresh air. mmm. Loving Autumn.

  • Photography.

My other passion. Miss Linz a lou took this of me..

and I took this of her. We had a fun weekend in SLC last weekend. Gateway with some of her friendsies from Vegas. and a little Cheesecake factory with the boys. Love you Lou.

  • Watched this last night and forgot how much i lOVE this movie. Brought some tears to my eyes.

  • Don't laugh. But this is totally on my Christmas Wish list... :) I heart barbies. Need to add another to my Holiday Collection. She is pretty.

Life is great.



Egan said...

Obessed with new moon.. and the bachelor!! I'm so glad that you are just like me, lol :)

Caitlyn Andrus said...

Really? You liked Jake? I think he's kinda attractive, but he ended up bein a whiny little girl in the end. Eh. Ok so I can't remember who Jillian picked?????


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