October 7, 2009

were going on an adventure!

i recieved a text message from one of my besties (sam) yesterday afternoon.
the conversation went something like this:

sam: im craving fat jacks.
ash: lets go to ephraim!!! that sounds so good.
sam: okay. i get out of class in a little bit then i have to print pictures.
ash: drive here and then i can drive the rest of the way.
sam: k ill text you when im done, and then we can go.
ash: yay!!! i know what im going to get
sam: ham/pinapple pizza witha side salad w/ ranch and italian! (on the side)
ash: you know me too well..what are you goin to get??
sam: probably a combo.
ash: can we really go????
sam: i have lots to get done.. but..

okay so we didnt end up going to ephraim, it would have been quite the drive for miss sam. so we met in bountiful and i introduced her to one of the loves in my life. Nielsens.
oh sam. why can't we be roomies again?? we have way too much fun.


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Whitney said...

I LOOOVE Fat Jack's! Isn't it some "R" name now? We go there when we cut down our Christmas tree. Their pizza is the best!!! And we always have to get candy at the cute little parlor next door :)


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