November 12, 2009

In Town

A few weeks ago Jeffie Came into town. We went to gateway and Olive Garden. Such fun times with he and Sam. It was as if we had never left eachother. miss them already.

kissy faces & for some reason i'm smiling.
(Ya that never happens)
they hadn't seen eachother in 9 months. Presh.

Okay so funny story. We couldn't remember where we parked in the gateway.. We spent like an hour trying to find Sam's car. We were all getting so frusterated with eachother. To lighten things up i made us take pictures. haha. We knew we were close when we found the BUG sign. Yay.

ps. We missed you Tate.

1 comment

Caitlyn Andrus said...

I miss you guys too. I'm so glad ya'll could get together. Sad I couldn't be with ya'll, but thanks for remembering me. I love you guys <3


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