December 11, 2009

dear santa,

Dear Santa,

Please bring me..

Some new MAC brushes

MEK jeans

running shoes

nordies gift card

and.. a new lappytoppy. (my old one died and went to heaven, so i would really appriciate it!)

oh and throw in one of these :) (is that all too much to ask for! Thanks Santa)

Love, Ashley Eliza.

and now a walk down memory lane. LOVE HOLIDAY barbies!!! They rock. And yes i am 21.

I have miss 2005, miss 1999, & miss 2000.

(two of my sis's have 1990. i always wanted her.)

Which one is your favorite?

I'm off to L town 2 see these two get hitched this weekend.

Congrats Sue. lovey you.

also get to visit these ladies. i really dont know how i live w/out them.

(and i have/get to give a toast at the wedding dinner im scared! wish me luck)

happy holidays ppl.


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