December 22, 2009

The Dentist.

Okay so remember this??

Here is why we made a lovely visit to the dentist in Logan.

Growing up I always loved going to the dentist (and i still do..). There is nothing better than having that fresh feeling of clean teeth. Not to mention I haven't had a cavity since I was like ten, so that probably helps. I always loved getting the plastic jewelry, tattoo's, and different trinkets out of the treasure chest after my check up. We also got to get a balloon blown up if we were cavity free. Well this dentist visit wasn't my favorite. The dentist at midnight. Yes, you heard me right. Midnight. Just glad it wasn't me getting worked on. Poor Coop. Emergency dentist in Logan. He had an abscessed tooth and they started a root canal. He was in so much pain I felt so bad. Sam and I made the best of it and he is feeling much better now.
(thank you cell phone for providing us with pictures, yes i'm mean and take pictures at events such as this..)


ashley.warner said...

ohhhhhh POOR POOR Coop! I feel so bad for him!

Samantha said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i love that you called it an abstract tooth.


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