January 18, 2010

the end of the week.

(my lazy sneakers for today. just another manic monday..)

Heres how the weekend went:
left work.
drove on i-15 for approx. 108.70 miles.

saw this beautiful site.
was mad at myself for having NiK in the trunk :(

Chilled with these two peeps lots.
laughed a ton.
ate good food.
not to mention we watched this.
it brought back so MANy memories.
Don't you love that??

(Did anyone else used to watch this? )

visited with some newlyweds and had lunch with an old friend.

watched this a few times. (i never get sick of it)

me and sammers went to the gas station a few times to get treats for our movies.


said my 'see ya laters' to this chica.. NYC here she comes!

(*ps thank you lg my cellular phon-o. he took all these pics.)

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