January 6, 2010

happy new year.

Happy New Year Everyone.
(a few days late!)

love, my loves. xoxo

I am excited for 2010.
I remember when I was really little and would get talking with someone about how weird it was when we hit 2000, then when I was in junior high talking about when its 2010 ill be __ old etc. NOW ITS HERE. Crazy Crazy. Time is going by so much faster than I ever thought it could.

Now time to walk down memory lane.
(in my randomness)


Spending every second with the bestie & friends.
Started UVU.
missed snow.
lots of rockband.


CHOPPED my hair eleven inches.
still busy bee with work & school.
all my boys started returning home.


Took a road trip to linz's hometown.. VEGAS

nights at Z's cabin.
same thing different month :)
festival of colors.

drill coach retired.

soldier hollow.

cupcake girls night.


finished up school.
played with lots of ward friends.
attended a really cool preppy party.(as shown above)
rollerblading up the canyon.
breakfast at tiffanys.
logan trip.
fire of faith.
game nights.
gma ediths 90th b-day celebration.
attended conference at the conference center.


hosted our 2nd annual 'fire of love'
started summer term.
graduated for 3 years.
lagoon with colt.
taco friend trips with courty.
b2the rady got home!
chilis boy.
movie night.


went to Kelly Clarkson with these peeps.
loved my summer class.
enjoyed the summer.
started dating a cute boy.
manti pageant
lots of bbq's
strawberry days RODEO
tate came to visit.
boots & towing.


spent as much time as i could in the canyon.
shippen girls night out.
family game night.
pre-birthday bon fire.


courtys wedding.
went shooting.
decided to take the semester off.
cuppycakes with the sis.
trafalga w. the allens.
photographed my first wedding.
got crafty.
Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple Open House.


Hiked the 'Y' for the first time.
had a peanut butter & pickle sandwich.
loved the rain.
visited good ol e town.


Played monopoly.
mom and daddys 39th anniversary.
met sam half way.
dance friend passed away :(
oldest nephew turned ten.
cute boy brought me flowers.
haunted forest.


carmel poppycorn.
jazz game.
turky day.
assisted an aweome photographer in a wedding.
got together with all the neighbor kids.
new moon.
logan visits.
jeffie came to town.
played hi ho cherrio.
day trip to heber.
dashboard concert.
met brian russell.
drill reunion.


family time.
lots of family time!
sis came to visit.
get togethers.
grandpa time.
temple square.
hot chocolate.
kates wedding.
work party.

As I reflect back on 2009 it was a great year.
Full of suprises.
Hard times.
Growing up.
my wonderful family.
my best friends.

I am so greatful for everything I have been able to expierence this year. Good and Bad. Life is always throwing me suprises and turing onto different road that I ever expected, but I would have it no other way. I am so blessed with so many great family, friends, co-workers, talents, the gospel, education, etc. I love life!
Also I wanted to thank everyone for supporting me in my photography. It has really blossomed this year, and I hope the same for 2010! It has become a part of me and I am so passionate about it. I love capturing people at their best with the people they love. This year was wonderful and I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings...

here WE go....!!!



Caitlyn Andrus said...

I love this!!! you did it so cute. I'm just sad i was hardly in yours or anyones 2009 :( oh well... BETTER YEARS TO COME!!!

ashley.warner said...

Ohhh man! Good times in 2009!
2010 is gonna ROCK though...literally! Its a new chapter, new life, GOOD TO GO!
:)woo hoo!

Kati Jo Schroe said...

YAY Ash I love you!!!!!


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