February 11, 2010

3 more..

Days! Until I can wear my contacts...
Can't even tell you how much I took wearing contacts for granted.
I owe whoever invented them a lot.
They make life so much easier.
until then me and the glasses will remain bff's.

On another note.. I am so thankful it is Thursday. The weekend is almost here-and it just makes me so happy.

Yesterday I busted out my old fat CD case & listened to a bunch of the music that I listened to in high school. It was fabulous. Highly recommend doing that. I had forgotten about so many classic songs that used to be my favorites.


thought I'd share my quote of the week

♥ i don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. -Marilyn Monroe


my movie list that will be watched this weekend.

*sleepless in Seattle

(very v day appropriate)

*the notebook

*while you were sleeping

*500 days of summer

hope you all have a very ValentineSY weekend.



NICOLE said...

your glasses are cute! I need to come visit you soon! I miss you!!

Ashley Eliza said...

thanks girl! its just no fun when you have to ear them all day long :) yes please do!!! i miss you too nicole!!


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