February 25, 2010

the best days.

Do you ever have those days where everything seems to go your way?
Not that any big event happened or you did anything too cool but just the simplicity that everything is fabulous and perfect?
Your mood.
You have a smile on your face.
Your family.
You feel great.
Your friends.
Good day at work.
You get to be lazy.
Your conversations.
Your accomplishments.
Everything about life??!!
Yup. That was today.

Did you have a good day?
(i hope so)


Tyler and Lyndsay said...

You are so cute! I love your blog. This may be so creepy--(I think coincidental) but I was looking at Rebekah Westover Photo blog because my friend Jeff is on there. I made a comment - noticed you are friends with Emilee (his fiance). Then on Whimsy (britt is my old roomie) as well!!! Crazy! Great minds think alike, right?
Have a rockin' weekend!

Ashley Eliza said...

You are so sweet! Thats awesome that you grew up with Jeff I see him and Em all the time! Keep in touch! i love blog friends :) xoxo

Tan + Es said...

That's room three! I think you lived there as much as I did :) Cute picture.


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