March 29, 2010

twenty nine

this one is going to be long.
but it's funny and sad.

i will try to condense it as much as possible.

my sophomore year of college i get a call from a boy after i got out of drill and he asked what i was up to. i told him i had just got out of practice. he then tells me to run home, throw on some grubbies, and that he'd be there to pick me up in fifteen for our date.

i rush home..
throw on cute clothes. and a sweatshirt. {not so grubbie.}

he picks me up in his old school white Chevy truck.
we start to head up the canyon.
he then tells me that he is going to make me dinner.
{i am thinking how freaking cute is that?? what guy just does this?}
we get there start to build a fire, i start to cut up carrots, potatoes, onions, etc.

he then tells me that we can finish chopping up the veggies in a minute and that we needed to kill a bunny for our meat. and that i was going to be the one to kill it. i start hyperventilating and freaking out.
there was no way i was going to kill and eat a bunny :(
he loads the gun and hands it to me..
{we had been shooting knew what i was doing with the gun.. but only to pop cans and clay pigeons..not a cute little bunny}

we see a few bunnies hopping around.
shoot one.

run over to it..
and he was like, "okay time to skin it!"
by this point i was about in tears.
i then tell him i cannot handle blood so he will have to and i am trying to think of every excuse possible to get out of this rut i was stuck in.

i go back to the fire and continue to chop the veggies.

i wanted to run away.
but i didn't.
i liked him.
if this meant eating a rabbit.
i would at least try haha..
stupid girl.

so he comes walking towards me and i was like i cannot look at it! so i walk over to his truck and sit in it while he chops up some bunny stew :( i start to get the cobbler stuff out for our dessert..

then we wait for our 'stew' to cook.
the whole time i am complaining to him about how wrong this is and how i will not eat it.
he tells me i have to at least try it.

it finishes cooking and i am still being so rude to him and freaking out.

he gets out two mugs and fills them to the very TOP with the lovely stew.
i pour a mountain of ketchup on top.

i take a bite.. and it was the grossest, weirdest, terrible textured thing i had ever eaten in my entire was disgusting.

i finish the WHOLE mug :(
it was so hard.
i was about to puke.
no joke.

he then proceeds with his 2nd's.
and asks if i want some.
i tell him that was the sickest thing I've ever eaten.

we continue to talk and then its silent because he knows i am so upset.
he then starts laughing hysterically.
and says 'that was some good hamburger wasn't it??'
i got tricked ppl. i had just eaten hamburger
your mind is a powerful thing.
i was so mad at him!
i hit him in the arm and began to chase him!
although i did start laughing because i had been such a baby and was complaining the whole time.

then i start to get the dessert out and he tells me he will be right back..
he then comes back and i didn't notice and he puts something around my neck.
a bunny ear necklace.
yes i repeat..
a bunny ear necklace.


after we got back he cleaned it and it hung in my apartment.
my roomies hated it!

most memorable date ever.



ChloƩ said...

hahahah! oh man that is too funny! i am so sorry though! i probably would have been crying to! it sure made for a funny story though!

Kati Jo Schroe said...

I remember seeing that over your stairs!!!!!!! You never told me that story!!!!!! AHH!!! too funny! I miss you ash

Kati Jo Schroe said...

I remember seeing that over your stairs!!!!!!! You never told me that story!!!!!! AHH!!! too funny! I miss you ash


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