March 23, 2010

twenty three

when I was a sophomore in high school I took honors English. we had been assigned groups to read our book in. of course it was me, one other girl, and eight boys. we went to my friend Collins house one Saturday to read for a few hours because we had all procrastinated our reading due to our extra curricular activities. we had ordered pizza to make the day better. when the pizza got there we all went upstairs to the kitchen to eat. we were all sitting and talking. at the time i hadn't been drinking carbonation so i went to the fridge to fill up my glass with ice and water. mind you i was wearing TIGHT corduroy tan pants. as i was filling up my glass with ice- I didn't put my glass in the proper spot so a few of the ice cubes fell to the floor. instead of properly bending down to get the fallen ice i bent in a weird way.. and RIPpppp.. went my pants! From the middle of the crotch to the very back. to my luck all of the boys were immersed in the pizza and the latest sports talk. of course it felt like the whole world was starring at me..but I wasn't sure if anyone had heard anything.. {i had forgotten to mention that before I left the house my mom said it was chilly outside and told me to grab a jacket. for some odd reason that day i decided to listen and grab my denium jacket} i slyly went into the bathroom just to see how bad the rip was, and boy was it bad! I quietly went back to my seat. wrapped that blessed denium jacket around my waist and ate that pizza. after we finished reading (what seemed like hours..) I went home and was embaressed beyond ends. hoping that noone really didn't see me, and if they did no one said a word.. I didn't tell my friend that was a girl until like three years later. I still miss those pants. They were the cutest ever. oh and moral of the story- when your mother tells you to put on jacket when it's chilly outside.. LISTEN! It just may save you.

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