May 20, 2010

brit's reception & some noodles.

meet my snow roomies.
{ok ok, you may have met them be4..}
oh & lets not forget
baby jaden. i heart him.
can't get enough of that cute little guy.

we went to our old roomie brittany's reception.
she looked so cute!
me and brit used to stay up and chat forever.
we shared a bathroom.
i still feel guilty cuz she cleaned it
way more than i did.
her husband will love her.
oh and did i mention she loves to bake?
ya, he's got it good!

then we grabbed some grub at noodles.
i love the fact that the three of us
can get together after not seeing each other
for a long time
and it feels as if we have never been apart.
they are true friends.
love them.


1 comment* said...

Cute pictures!!! :)


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