May 13, 2010


Last weekend Ash and I decided to make tinfoil din din's.i am lame and wanted to put everything in a basket. mostly so my pics would be cute. boy am i pathetic! oh well. we went to our fave place up the canyon. {south fork} and built a cute little fire. just perfect for our dinners of foil. i had pre-cut everything
so we ripped our
layers of foil
and put hamburger patties, onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, tomato soup, onion seasoning, and crushed red pepper seasoning on it. so super easy.oh and lets just say i over did it on the seasonings! mine was so spicy. but so dang good! we cooked them for over forty minutes then let them cool down while we played a little uno. i forgot how much i love going up the canyon & making dinners. then we built a huge fire and did smores! so fun to cook instead of going out to eat. love girls nights!
what are some of your favorite camp fire meals?


Kara and Tyler said...

You have inspired me! I am going to tell Tyler we need to do this!!!! Something my family has done along with tin foil dinners is banana boats. You take a banana, and then cut an "I" shape along the inner curve. Then you flip back the flaps and slice your banana(still inside the peel) into several slices. Then you pull out random slices and replace them with bits of chocolate and marshmallows. Then you shut the flaps, wrap the banana (still in peel) in tin foil and stick it in the fire. It won't take long for the chocolate and marshmallows to melt. So you pull in out and devour it!!! :D so yummy! :D

Kara and Tyler said...

P.S. when making the "I" slit on the peel, make it a real capital I shape. With this font it's just a line but you need the perpendicular lines on top and bottom. ;) hopefully that all makes sense!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

i have made those once before and they were divine! i totally forgot about those! nummy. tHanks for reminding me!! and yes you and tyler need to go make tinfoil din dins! hope all is well cute girl! xoxo


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