June 10, 2010

it's ashley vay-kay part 1 {may 26th}

the bff and i
{we have the same name.}
very cool. i know.
we decided to take a little vay-kay.

so we did.
as my sis jen would say
smartie suckers are the best.
especially for road trips.
so i got one, along with some red bull.

bad idea. i was super hyper.
my friend told me i am the
last person on earth who needs a red bull.
oh well.

when we arrived
we grabbed some grub.
then decided to dip our feetsies in the pool.

oh wait, the hot pool.
aka the hot tub.
we had some good laughs.

then we just chilled got some ice cream.
bad trend to start the trip.
we ate way too much ice cream.
so worth it though.

then we had some ol fellow badger visitors.
i failed to get pics,
but it was so fun to catch up and stay up
til the wee hours of the morning.
then we slept like babies in our lovely hilton beds.

to be continued..


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