June 24, 2010

oh to be twelve again.

when i was twelve years of age,
i dreamed of seeing my favorite band.
well last night i got to live that dream.
check that one off the bucket list!

oh man,
ten years later and i was still in heaven.
i fel in love with nick carter all over again.
i don't think i watched any of the others the whole night.

the dance moves
may have been a little old, and cheesy.
but the songs were just as great as i could remember.
and i still knew all my favorite songs.

thanks to my girlies for a great girls night out!!
backstreets back alright!



1 comment

ashley.warner said...

best concert of my entire existence! I only think John Mayer is gonna be able to top this one! WOOO HOOOOO!!!

Love you all! It was such a blast!


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