June 11, 2011

11/30 & saturday ramblings

{purple dress-target}

today i added in a dress! one that i haven't touched for 2 summers. how's that for re-mixing? not sure why but i've been super obsessed with dresses & skirts the past few weeks. {and not to mention stripes?} maybe because i wish i were outside to enjoy the beautiful warm weather instead of being stuck inside the office all day. oh well :)

i am super happy to say that i am pretty much all caught up on editing pictures. head on over to my photography blog. i put up  four new posts. go me! i am srsly loving having these weekly goals. it makes me feel ya know, accomplished.

tonight is summerfest. pretty much my favorite day ever. {not counting my birthday} the fireworks are always amazing. something about this time of year that just makes me smile.

i've had a few incidents lately that have me thinking a lot about chance or coincidence. my friend amanda and i used to joke about this a lot back in the day. but i have really been thinking about it. i know everything/every situation if different. but do you think things happen by chance or coincidence? it's super funny to think about.

another thing i have thought a lot about lately is how the Lord blessed me (and you..)  & continues to bless me with certain people in life at certain times. i am so blessed with wonderful friends that i've been surrounded with in my life. they each have unique traits that make them different from one another. each one helps us at particular chapters in our book. i am one blessed girl!

 i logged into my old myspace account last night. boy was it funny. a friend and i were trying to find an old video that was on there. and it just got me thinking how funny it was that everyone thought myspace was trashy and terrible back in the day, but facebook is the same thing. but classy. just makes me laugh.

also, i've been thinking about how different of a person i was two years ago. how the things in the past few years have changed me. for the good. timing is a funny thing. {&sometimes not so funny..} but it's always fun to go back in your journal & look through pictures and reflect on the person you were. see what was going on in your life, who you surrounded yourself with, what ambitions you had etc. i think that's why i love photography so much. because it puts you in a whole different state of mind.
you think. you reflect. you remember.
when you look at the photograph.
and i love it.
i have a weird obsession with memories.
i love to remember them. 

that is all.


Ashley said...

awww, I remember myspace. :) Ha. That seems like a million years ago. I used to like myspace but i sorta hate fb. I don't know why really.

Anyway. I LOVE your little dress! You look so CUTE and simply ADORABLE! Summertime and dresses go hand in hand! & I wish I was seeing some fireworks this weekend! ;)

Connie said...

Such great thoughts! Oh facebook..
And yes I'm obsessed with remembering.... and DETAILS even. Like I remember little stuff like what I was wearing, the music we listened to, all that... from random events in the past, thanks to my years of journaling and well now blogging (:

Connie said...

ps. LOVE the dress! You look darling! Don't you love wearing something you hadn't in a while?! I feel so good about myself when I put stuff to USE (:

{sArAh} said...

i absolutely loved this post! I have been feeling like this too!! and summerfest, oh what would we do without it!? Love you and your blog! :)


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