June 13, 2011

Baby you're a firework

okay, so maybe i'm just a little too obsessed with fireworks. but they were AWESOME! and yes, i took all of those pictures. if you have never been to the firework show at summerfest and you live in UT i highly suggest going. summerfest always gets me so excited for summer. plus the people watching is great too! now all i need is to go lay by the pool and get a tan.

i think each weekend goes by faster then the last. especially when i work on saturdays. i did a have a beautiful family photo shoot on saturday. i can't wait to finish editing them!!! it's so fun going to new locations.

on sunday @ fhe all the sibs & their spouses & i lined up tallest to shortest to get put on teams for a relay we are doing at our bbq on the fourth. i wish i had a picture. cuz it was pretty funny. can't wait to see what all we will have to do for the relay race..

let's pray this week flys by cuz i get to go on a road trip.
and i cannot wait :)

do you have anything planned for the 4th? what are your summer traditions? or favorite things to do?

happy monday.


TheShippenFamily said...

Yay me for being the shortest!!!

Ashley Slater said...

aw you look so gorgeous in that pic!


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