June 25, 2011

since i've been gone..

some of my fave pics from the trip!

yes after lots of sight seeing, good food, shopping, great people watching, 3180 miles, & 5 states later... 

i'mmmm bacckkk!!!

even though it was a fabulous trip
i'm glad to be home.

any guesses of where i went?!

more on the trip later

for now i have better things to do like
 watch the bachelorette ;)
{since i missed out while i was gone} 
any one else watching???

missed you all & can't wait to catch up on your blogs!!
nighty night.


amy lynn said...

um your pictures are absolutely beautiful :) and the bachelorette... can i just say i think she is reeeeeetarded. but i keep watching so maybe i'm the retarded one. haha

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You always go on the most AMAZING trips!!


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