June 28, 2011

things that made me happy today.


♥ my cute mirror that i keep my perfumes on.

♥ new purse i got in chinatown... i'm sort of in looove.

♥ invites i made for a sleepover with my nieces!

♥ nuts about berries.. yumm.

♥ lunch with traci & tate

♥ tomato basil soup

 not pictured:

♥good chats with good friends.

♥ voice mails.

♥ cars 2

♥ yogurtland

♥ closure

♥ scripture study

♥singing in the car

♥remembering funny things you used to do


wade.and.katie said...

love your "things" and love you! and your purse is oh so prettay!

Kati Jo said...

I miss you but your going to be mad at me :( My parents decided to go out of town this weekend and asked me to go. I'm coming back Monday afternoon if you want to watch fireworks or something....Text me!!!! Love you!!!


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