July 26, 2011

a little princess.

every time i see my nieces (the older ones) they always remember the last sleepover we had and beg me to have another one! so i planned a princess sleepover for them. i set up a table of clues for them to guess each activity we had planned. they were all princess related activities.

first on the list was to eat dinner in the enchanted forest. so what better princess dinner then Wendy's ? :) we went to my favorite park and had a little picnic. a few of the people that would pass us complimented on the girls princess attire and told them that looked so beautiful. the girls got all embarrassed. they also told secrets. {because that's what sleepovers are for they said. was to talk about boys and tell secrets.} they crack me up! after we ate the girls showed off their best dance moves, we walked in the garden area had a little photo shoot,  watched the fish in the pond, and watched the water fountain. 

when we got home we had to build our castle. so we turned our imaginations on and drew a castle with side walk chalk. i forgot how much i love drawing with that stuff! it brought me back a few years when my childhood friends and i would spend hours on my basketball court drawing. the girls got so creative with the castle, including a draw bridge, birds, clouds, unicorns, trees and the whole nine yards!

after getting into our pj's we played our favorite princess game. 
pretty pretty princess.
then they wrote cards to their family that lives out of the state. and made cute envelopes to cover the notes. they all were so creative and unique in how the designed them!
then i painted their nails and did designs with the white sally hansen marker thing! 
we built a big princess bed, popped popcorn, and watched tangled. they were so giggly and wanted to try to stay up really late. needless to say aunt ash was worn out and ready to sleep.

we decided that every summer we will have a girls sleepover. i can't wait til the younger girls get a little over that they can stay over. i love my little princesses. 

here are some of the edited pictures i took of them at the park! 
i adore these girls! 


Heather said...

oooo! lovely pictures of lovely girls!!!

-Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

Tiffany said...

umm hello? where is your princess dress ashley? you should totally be rockin' an old or DI prom dress. LOL! you are such a cute auntie.

bex said...

What an incredible auntie you are! those girls will remember that for years. I remember playing "pretty pretty princess when I was younger.
Beautiful girls!

ashley.warner said...

cute! looks like fun!

wade.and.katie said...

sooo fun! when they grow up they will love those princess pics you took of them!

Stacylyn said...

oh my goodness. So cute. you're an awesome aunt!!!!

Kate and Matt said...

can we have a pretty pretty princess party!?! you are such a cute fun aunt! i love it!


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