July 28, 2011

midnight in paris

sam and i love our girls nights that include:
 no boys.just shopping,din din, and going to the movies. 
in fact we love it so much that we may have done it two nights 
 in a row
one pictured.
one not.

any of you that live in Utah county been to the riverwoods lately? 
i just have to say that i have loved going to the riverwoods on the weekends and just walking around the shops, listening to the live music, & enjoying the lovely weather this summer. they have really improved it. we also went to a super yummy Mongolian food place. it was good to step out of the box and go somewhere new! oh, and i was all for it especially knowing that i would be getting a fortune cookie. they always make your day better!!


Connie said...

That looks like a great girls night! So fun!

Samantha said...

that was a pretty fun night. so was the next night, lol

From Suns To Moons said...

I found "Midnight in Paris" to be a bit underwhelming, but entertaining nonetheless. It looks like you had a fun night!


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