July 12, 2011

road trip with the rents {part one}

{June 17, 2011}

-yummy pizza
-cutest small town ever. i WILL return
-sail boats
-reading HP5
-walking around the lake
-seeing a man walking a goat
-not getting ready or wearing makeup
-ice cream alley
-remote control sail boat racing= awesomeness
-beautiful rivers

Point A: Orem, UT
Point B: McCall, ID
Miles drove=489.12

i thought i would finally start blogging about my trip with the parents before i forget! you will see more pictures than you want, so you're just going to have to deal with it :)
 it was a long trip, a lot of driving and a lot of fun!
 great stories from the parents dating life. about their childhood. and just other funny discussions. we knew a few locations we wanted to visit. but everything was 100% spontaneous. ya. it was awesome! we drove as far as we could. saw what we wanted to see. this my friends was a REAL road trip.
oh road trips. how i love you.
& funny story so when my parents had just been married for a few months they took a spontaneous road trip for like 4 weeks. umm ya, i totally want to do that some day! just pic up and drive and be gone for a month. sounds good to me!

ps i could SO live in McCall, Idaho.


Mel said...

Looks like so much fun! I love road trips!

Miss Kami said...

You have inspired me! I think before summer ends I am going to make a trip to McCall. It looks like the most adorable little place! Your pictures are so fun!

wade.and.katie said...

McCall is now on my bucket list thanks to your fun pics! and your parents just make me smile...they are so cute!

Samantha said...

is that guy walking a goat? LOL! made my day. and i love the picture of your parents.

katrina said...

ohh i havent been to mccall for years. i lllove it there, i think i need to go asap. looks like you had a wonderful time!


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