July 22, 2011

road trip with the rents {part six}

{June 22, 2011}

-the redwoods
-break dancers
-driving across the bridge

Point A: Crescent City, CA
Point B: Redding, CA
Point C: San Francisco,CA
Miles Drove: 429.15

the redwoods were HUGE!!!! the pictures don't do them justice. and they were so so so amazing. i cannot get over how large they were. it was an awesome to drive through them. we then drove into san fran just before dinner time. it was so cool driving across the bridge! i had never been to northern cali before so it was fun to visit. we walked around the different piers and i watched some break dancers. they were pretty legit! i wanted to jump in and start dancing with them! i was exhausted from all the driving and walking and fell right to sleep especially knowing that the next day would be a full day of touristy adventures in the big city! 

ps isn't the cat with the life jacket HILARIOUS?!

1 comment

katrina said...

oh these posts make me miss traveling with just my mom and dad. some of my favorite vacations.

love all of your photos!


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