July 19, 2011

road trip with the rents {part three}

{June 19,2011}

-church in a small town
-fish and chips
-cruise ship tour
-walking around the markets
-amazing musicians
-throwing the fish
-best mexican food ever!!

Point A: Cle Elum, WA
Point B: Seattle, WA
Point C: Kelso, WA
Miles Drove: 209.46

love love love love love LOVED Seattle. it was nice to have not a lot of driving this day of the trip. and just site see. we spent most of the day in Seattle walking around the shops and market. i would love to live in a town that you did all your shopping at the market. it has such a different feel to it and it was just great! we took a little cruise ship tour that was fun to learn about Seattle and learn touristy things. it was SUPER windy that day. hence my lovely hair. we had a wonderful time that day and the whole time being there i kept thinking about greys anatomy haha. yes i am a greys nerd. i was on the look out for McDreamy ;) i could SO visit Seattle myself and buy some fresh flowers. sit on the pier and read a nice book while eating fish and chips.
anyone else love them some Seattle??

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{sArAh} said...

OH MY gosh I love this!! My parents are probably moving there in a few months! LOVE this post :D cant wait to visit them now haha


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