July 14, 2011

road trip with the rents {part two}

{June 18, 2011}

-historical sites
-picnic on the side of the road
-walking around joseph
-driving in the mountains for hours
-no vacancy at any hotels and then getting the last room late late and night!

Point A: McCall,ID
Point B: Lewiston,WA
Point C: Joesph,OR
Point D: Kenniwick, WA
Point E: Cle Elum,WA
Miles Drove= 588.87

this day seemed like we were never going to stop driving. it was a lot of driving through the mountains which = windy curvy roads. good thing none of us get car sick. the mountains were beautiful. dad was determined to visit this place called Joseph, OR. so we did. and we went clear out of the way. but it was a cute town. i got a really cute ring. i will post a pic later. it rained a lot that day. the rainbow was beautiful. there was slim pickings for dinner. ha. my dad is huge history buff. so i learned a lot. we stopped at pretty much every historical site. and i love a little history myself so it was fun. i loved how GREEN everything in WA & OR are!!! coming from the desert it was oh so lovely! oh and i love love loved the vineyards. so breath taking!!

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LoveLife{s.a.h.m.} said...

hi, just blogged hopped my way to you, lol. i just wanted to say that i love the picture with the rain on the window. just something about it caught my eye and i love it!!!!!!


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