August 1, 2011

my birthday week

in my book birthdays just aren't one day. i like to celebrate 
all week long 
i mean i may be getting one year older and wiser but why not celebrate life for a week! :)

besides my normal day to day things
my week went a little something like this:


chel took me to din din at our fave, chilis.
we love our waiters. and they love us.
 our chips and avocado ranch with salsa. 
ps don't her eye lashes look amazing? ya all natural. she put on this stuff that helps your lashes grow. i think it i need to get some for my little stubs ha. 


 miss allie took me to dinner and we went shoe shopping! we went to texas roadhouse and i refused to ride the bull. done it once and that was enough embarrassment to last a while.{hehe} allie gave me the cutest nail polish! that i'm pretty much obsessed with. always a great time will allie. she's the coolest!


my sis bex took me to lunch at pizzaria. so fresh. love love love. and i love our sister time. she is the best and so fun to be around. i love that were the closest in age and that she lives so close. 

 that night i went real camping with sam and brades. by real i mean we ended up in some random spot in the middle of no where in spanish fork canyon. bush whacked. built a fire pit.  and set up camp. it was awesome. we made tin foil dinners and roasted mellows. something about camping always brings out the most random conversations and stories. needless to say there were a lot of inside jokes. thanks for making my weekend complete with camping brades and sam!!!


 i treated myself to a massage. it was delightful. i wish i were rich enough to get one every week. i mean come on, doesn't everyone agree? we should all have a massage every once in a while! sammers took me to lunch & then we got our fave shaved ice. and somehow ended up at target :) funny how that one happens.. later on i had dinner with the rents, visited my grams in the hospital{thank goodness for prayers and miracles. she is a trooper and is doing amazing!! i love her!} and went grocery shopping with the madre.

sunday: the legit real deal of a birth date
 on my actual birthday i got to teach RS in church i love teaching and the things i learn. i taught on family responsibilities. every time i teach i learn so much and like using different teaching methods to teach. i am so thankful for my calling!

our line up we always do!

my nephew wouldn't pull a straight face.. ha! but i cannot believe how big he is!!! he's taller than my mom and before i know it he is going to pass me up! 

after church some of my family came over and had cheesecake and homemade ice cream. i love that ever since i was little my parents have made a big deal out of birthdays! mom always makes homemade ice cream. my sister and her kids were in town so it was fun to see them! i cannot believe how big they are getting {it makes me feel old!} then one of my best friends emilee and her husband jeff came to sing to me. they have the cutest birthday song and i should have recorded it! {maybe next year??} then caitlyn stopped by to visit.
 it was a wonderful birthday and i am so lucky


 when i got to work on monday afternoon this is what i saw :)

my work girls were so sweet to decorate my desk and amb got me the CUTEST balloons EVER. and a ring i love. 
later in the week katie jaye  gave me my favorite hot tamales and a darling scarf  :)

i had a wonderful week needless to say. all thanks to my family and friends. you guys are the best. and just so wonderful!!!

 i cannot wait to see what this year brings. 
reflecting on my 22nd year.
 i have learned a few things, including: 
to go after my dreams no matter what, to let love in, to look for the good in every experience: good or bad, that i just don't like something-i love it, to let go, to be the friend i want to have, to rely on my Savior, that i love to teach, that certain people are in my life for a reason, that i love writing, i have to make lists, i have the best of friends, i'm obsessed with changing my hair color, i learned to be vulnerable, and to just be ME. 

i could go on and on. but 22 was a great year,
now here's to 23!

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